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Why come to Watercolours?
Because we love it, you will love it too!
Mike, Nor, Anke and Peter welcome you to Watercolours Resorts and Dive Centre! We aim to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. If you need anything, just ask!
Mike and Anke started Watercolours Dive Centre back in 1996 with 7 sets of equipment and a second-hand compressor. We’ve come a long way since then and are now proudly operating our second resort, Impiani, on Perhentian Kecil. We believe the secret to our continuing success is providing the best service we can possibly offer.
The Watercolours Team has grown and now includes Noor and Peter. Noor is Malaysian, but has left the mainland to enjoy the island life on these beautiful shores. Peter comes from England and keeps himself occupied by trying to speed up the island pace…and failing….
Mike (Chinese-Malay) is Master of Logistics.
Anke (German) is Director of Organisation and hugging trees.
Nor (Malay) is the official bookworm and has a very important role – making sure everyone gets paid!
Peter (English) just wants to go diving more often
We hope that you will meet many of our local staff also. At Impiani Din and Asmi amongst our staff on-hand to make your stay a memorable one.
Environmental Statement
At Watercolours we try to help the environment;
We transport ALL our rubbish to the mainland – using our own boat when the rubbish boat is not operating;
We teach all our student divers how to respect and protect the environment;
We have a no touching, no feeding policy during dives; and
We give a free presentation (weekly) on the local marine life and
conservation issues;
We run reef and beach clean-up operations once a month (please ask to participate!);
We conduct Reef-protection dives, including Crown-of-Thorns clean-ups and fishing net recovery dives;
We survey our coral reefs using the Reef Check Eco-Diver survey methodolgy, which
has led to nationwide publicity of the need for improved management practices of our marine parks; and
We encourage carbon offsetting – please see below.

Flying is one of the fastest increasing causes of global warming due to the carbon emissions from aeroplanes. Become a green traveller! You can neutralise your carbon emissions (and help minimise global warming) by calculating your carbon emissions and donating to a reforestation programme. Please see

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