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Introduction to the Perhentian Islands

The two islands consist of Pulau Perhentian Besar (Big Island) and Pulau Perhentian Kecil (Small Island).

The name 'Perhentian' actually means 'stopover' resulting from fishermen using the islands as a resting point. The only inhabitants live in a small fishing village on Perhentian Kecil. The rest of the islands are uninhabited, with the exception of the resorts scattered around the fringing beaches. Inland, the islands are covered in thick jungle.

Watercolours offers a choice of accommodation on both islands. Accommodation with spacious, air-conditioned rooms and packages can be booked at our Impiani Resort, whereas standard accommodation can be booked at our Paradise Resort.

There are plenty of activities to keep you occupied during your stay. Snorkelling, jungle trekking and scuba diving are popular pastimes. If diving in warm, tropical waters is not your thing, the Perhentian Islands have some of the most beautiful beaches of Malaysia. It is even possible to catch a water taxi and laze on a deserted beach for the day. We offer beachfront accommodation at both of our resorts, so you may just want to sit on your veranda with a cool drink at the end of the day.

Scuba Diving - Dive the Perhentian Islands of Malaysia

The Perhentian Islands are located 25 km off the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia and provide the location for a great diving holiday. There are dive sites around both of these islands and other nearby small islands.

Diving is a popular pursuit for many visitors to these shores. The surrounding waters of Perhentian contain some of the best dive sites of peninsula Malaysia and the South China Sea. Diving is easy, with many dive sites (wreck dives and reef dives) to choose from. Because most of the dive sites are within the Marine Park, the corals are in good condition and the fish-life abundant. The diving season in peninsula Malaysia runs from February to the end of November.

We go the extra distance for our dive centre customers! We have a maximum group size of 4 people per scuba diving course. This means you get individual attention and get the full benefit of the tuition provided. We have a policy of 'fish not fins' on our fun diving too; a maximum of 4 divers per group means you see more of the aquatic life. Of our twelve diving staff (in peak season), we employ 11 PADI Instructors and 1 PADI Divemaster. This ensures even your dive leader is trained to a high standard!

We believe our briefing and debriefings discussing the dive and marine life are the best offered. We always get out the fish books so we can identify the marine life you have seen over a free dive snack and tea or coffee.

Don't forget to look at our ReefTalk presentation and examine our Reef Check survey package! And also contact us to see if you can participate in a reef-clean dive or beach clean. We take a lot of pride in keeping care of our local environment and we love divers who show the same enthusiasm

Snorkelling (or snorkeling) on the Perhentian Islands

Besides diving, snorkelling is another popular activity in Perhentian islands, with many snorkelling sites in each reach on foot or by boat. Watercolours runs snorkelling tours to many different and varied sites. We are also happy to direct you to nearby snorkelling sites that you can reach simply by walking down the beach!

If you need to rent snorkelling equipment we can provide all you need, including a lifejacket if you want to feel extra-safe in the water. There are many different types of fish to see, including:

  • bumphead parrotfish
  • clownfish and (if you are lucky)
  • napoleon wrasse

Green and hawksbill turtles also are relatively common and regularly spotted on snorkelling trips in these Malaysia waters.

Jungle Trekking the Perhentian Islands

Although it is too strenuous for some, jungle trekking around Perhentian island is very rewarding. There is a lot of wildlife to spot, including the dusky langurs (spectacled leaf-eating monkey), tree shrews and monitor lizards. We will happily show you a map with the jungle trekking routes.

Your fanastic Malaysia holiday on the Perhentian Islands at Impiani

After reading this information we hope that you decide to visit us here on the Perhentian Islands. We offer accommodation to suit all at our Impiani and Paradise resorts. Both our resorts are small and have a strong personal touch.

Should diving, snorkelling or jungle trekking not take your fancy then just sit back and relax. You will find your piece of paradise in this beautiful part of Malaysia.

Why visit the Perhentians? Because we love it here and you will love it too!

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